We stay current on the most popular food trends and develop a food lineup as tightly focused or as wildly diverse as you would like.  You can expect food your audience will be raving about, and that will enhance the memories and reputation of your event.

All our menus are custom tailored.  Here is a small slice of the options for your cuisine environment.


Attendance: 3,000-5,000

For events of 3,000 to 5,000 people per day we handle all food and beverages ourselves, thereby providing a personal touch and high level of continuity.


  • COFFEE/ESPRESSO BAR – Featuring organic blends from all over the world.
  • BAKERY – We have two custom bakers who take great pride in providing interesting selections.
  • CHICKEN SANDWICH SELECTION – Italian Garlic Chicken, Chicken-Apple-Brie, Cilantro-Lime Marinated.
  • SOUTHWEST STEAK SANDWICH – Tri-tip steak marinated in garlic, lemon, and cilantro, served grilled with house made jalapeno mayonnaise and black bean salsa.
  • SALADS – Classic Caesar Salad, Mexican Chopped Salad with Honey Lime Dressing, and Greek Salad.
  • SMOOTHIES – Organic fruit and juice combinations.
  • WRAPS  – Chinese Chicken, BLT, Roasted Veggie and lots more.
  • SAUSAGE SELECTION – S.F.’s Schwarz Sausage Co. German Bratwurst, Polish, Hot Link, Organic All Beef, and Chicken/Apple.
  • BEVERAGES – Fully insured and licensed bar service. Menu tailored to your specifications.



Attendance: 5,000-100,000

For larger events over 5,000 per day we provide a selection of Bay Area restaurants, mobile food vehicles, and professional food booth operators from our “A list” of culinary professionals.


  • VENEZUELAN – Pica Pica Venezuelan restaurant from the Oxbow Market in Napa.
  • PAELLA – Award winning Gerard’s Paella, cooked in giant 6’ pan.
  • CAJUN – New Orleans Catering Cajun Foods.
  • DIM SUM – Tru Gourmet hand made Dim Sum.
  • GELATO – Gelateria Noci of Mill Valley
  • CUPCAKES – Kara’s Cupcake Van, S.F.’s first gourmet cupcake company.
  • ORGANIC HOT DOGS Let’s Be Frank colorful hot dog cart featuring custom made, organic, all beef dogs.
  • SEAFOOD/CHOWDER – Sam’s Chowder House Mobile Seafood Truck.
  • DEEP FRIED PICKLES – Fabulous Frickle Brothers Colorful deep fried pickle truck.
  • KOREAN – Seoul on Wheels Korean taco truck.
  • FILIPINO – Hapa SF Food Truck Filipino food and 2011 “Best S.F. Food Truck” winner.
  • FRIED CHICKEN – Pollo Fritto Southern fried chicken sandwiches from a family recipe.